Even though I cannot guarantee such thing, I suspect this little site of mine will disappear for a short time. The thing is that I will move all of my stuff to another server starting from January 28th, 2013

I guess it will also be a great time to perform some little changes and pending enhancements I’ve planned to do here a long time ago.



Algunos meses atrás, no recuerdo exactamente debido a qué, aunque supongo que estaba relacionado a mi trabajo, estuve leyendo un artículo larguísimo dedicado al agua… A secas. El agua es ciertamente el elemento más fascinante que conozco. Me inquietan todas las propiedades que tiene el agua, a pesar de tratarse de algo tan simple.

Tras una línea de pensamiento que se deriva de aquella lectura pero que soy incapaz de describir su desarrollo, di con un par de hipótesis cuyos resultados desconozco pero que sospecho encierran algún otro misterio inquietante.

Sobre una superficie plana e impermeable, de coeficiente de roce igual a cero, a temperatura ambiente controlada, un sistema vacío, dos gotas de agua congeladas se sitúan suficientemente cerca como para permitir que al descongelarse ambas gotas se fundan en una sola por… capilaridad? No sé… Me refiero al magnetismo extraño que sucede entre dos gotas. En fin… Mis preguntas son las siguientes: a) ¿A qué velocidad ocurre ese instante en el cual dos gotas se disuelven en una? Mi hipótesis consiste en que si no ocurre a la velocidad de la luz, ésta se ve superada y que de este efecto se desprenden algunas consecuencias físicas impresionantes cuya utilidad final pudiera verse incluso reflejada en el futuro en cuanto a nuestra capacidad para levitar, traspasar objetos sólidos, teletransportarnos o incluso viajar en el tiempo sin sudar una gota. b) ¿A qué temperatura desaparece la última partícula de hielo de modo tal que cada una de esas gotas se estabilice y recupere la propiedad de atraer a la otra? Parece más fácil descifrar esta duda, pero sospecho que conocer esa temperatura es clave para entender también las propiedades químicas del amor.

Dos personas, perfectamente iguales aunque desconocidas, congeladas por la soledad, entran a un bar y se sientan suficientemente cerca uno del otro, cuando de pronto se miran, se funden, se rechazan por vergüenza, y una de las gotas se decide e insiste, se sonríen… “¿Quién eres?”…

Luego levitan, se traspasan, se teletransportan e incluso viajan en el tiempo.

Hard to Tell

I can’t say how many things I’ve kept unsaid for months.

The current situation is as simple as this: I don’t want to do a thing. I’m tired. I feel like I’m sad though I can’t define a reason to feel that way. I need to disconnect myself from my present time. I don’t feel like running away but looking for a place to hide. I can’t think. It’s like my thoughts turned out into heavy entities I can barely handle. While questions are presented at the left I can’t find the right elements to suit their needs at the right side… I can’t connect the dots. Things seem to lose their sense. All I see is one consequence after another yet I’m blind to read a cause behind…

Somehow I know what I need, but I’m not brave enough to tell what it is.

I’d say more and more.

I just won’t.

My Own Private Voyager Spacecraft

I solemnly promise to come back to this post every time I think of some new thing to be added to the following list I write down with all of my love. These are the essentials of a future spaceship to be lunched into the outer space in order to tell the best things of us I’ve discovered along my life.

  1. The Cure, Disintegration. Specially the song Plainsong.

To be continued…

Out of Order

I think I’m not brave enough to fix myself. Whilst I suspect there’s a list of changes and improvements I should perform asap I tend to see somewhere else like it was possible to get everything fixed by forgetting about me for a while. There’s no cure for this. I forgot how to invest all of my best gifts and efforts in me. Silly jokes aside, I feel like I’ve been abducted for a long time and now that I’m back [no, I'm not] I just forgot the way I used to inhabit this sort of being.

I can’t wake up.
I just ride the tide of a sorrow I refuse to feel… Then up, then down and up again.

Cult of Personality

I just can’t stand it… I’m sick of people who seem to be unable to understand -not even share- their beauty. What’s the point of making private the beauty I might see in you? Obviously there’s a holy book somewhere describing the main guidelines on being stupid. I can’t see how come they can’t even smell the possibility of a wonderful chance.


One Fine Stranger

The things I never talk about, the names I don’t mention, the answers I avoid. I replicate and strengthen this non being I insist to be whilst everyone else seems to publicly share their intimacy just because some others do so as well. I deny to tell too much about me since this is the only way I know to give myself less than I easily do in my actual life. I give myself too much. I give myself like I knew I have no limits or will never meet an end. To give is my most secret pleasure and I’m often unaware about the best time to stop. One fine walking stranger behaves always as a leaking bottle full of novelty just waiting to be discovered.

Being no one is relatively great. This practice becomes tricky once you wish your silence could be read by others as the non so effective way to express a plea.

I beg you to shape me, in peace.

Google This

If I have the chance to ask somebody about something, no matter how silly my question could seem to be, I just ask away as I consider it also might be one meaningful chance to establish a little conversation with that person. Maybe it’s a way to keep and look after our friendship as well, never mind the depth of prior conversations we may have had. If I ask you about the weather or the way you spell or pronounce some word, it’s not only that I’m a curious person but also that I’m interested in the way you’ll explain and tell those facts to me.

The more knowledge we’re able to get out there, the more lack of understanding between us, I’d say… Since you’re one important side of the answer I’m looking for, “google it” is just the wrong answer.

Beyond Suspicion

That short -oh, so fragile- instant when you smile after crying for a long while, like seeing your smile refloating out of some forgotten abyss where your soul was all submerged. To look at you staring at me, while I’m rescuing you… You got to look so beautiful.