To Misfeel

Misfeel, misfeeling, misfelt. I don’t think that word exists, but it should since it’s actually feasible to misfeel some things, some moments, some persons, sometimes. To misfeel is to understad wrongly some feelings yet these are actually true. Never mind … Continue reading


A couple of days ago, I was watching this TV programme about Finland and I realised that even though I don’t know any Finnish my mind understood better what women spoke than what men said. I mean, I realised that … Continue reading

The Air Bell

I frequently come back to this place at home, this corner where I quickly have a cigarette while the very conscious side of my brain scans for my thoughts going through vague ideas linked to reality and dreams and… Everything … Continue reading


I have often scanned my being mentally in order to explain better myself to me. I seem to be partilally shattered, poorly fixed here and there, so that it’s feasible to keep safe this whole piece I inhabit. Some seams … Continue reading


They want to buy my love They want to pay with silence. This love still looks for some surface to bounce off. Slippery silence.


I’m trying to work this out again. The thing is that I’m slightly busy for one more week. Be right back.

Note to Other Self

Yesterday, I read this little thought I found brilliant yet so simple… Even though I’m not into managing my life attending to others’ quotes I just loved this one: If you are depressed you are living in the past. If … Continue reading


Even though I cannot guarantee such thing, I suspect this little site of mine will disappear for a short time. The thing is that I will move all of my stuff to another server starting from January 28th, 2013 I … Continue reading


Algunos meses atrás, no recuerdo exactamente debido a qué, aunque supongo que estaba relacionado a mi trabajo, estuve leyendo un artículo larguísimo dedicado al agua… A secas. El agua es ciertamente el elemento más fascinante que conozco. Me inquietan todas … Continue reading

Hard to Tell

I can’t say how many things I’ve kept unsaid for months. The current situation is as simple as this: I don’t want to do a thing. I’m tired. I feel like I’m sad though I can’t define a reason to … Continue reading

Out of Order

I think I’m not brave enough to fix myself. Whilst I suspect there’s a list of changes and improvements I should perform asap I tend to see somewhere else like it was possible to get everything fixed by forgetting about … Continue reading

Cult of Personality

I just can’t stand it… I’m sick of people who seem to be unable to understand -not even share- their beauty. What’s the point of making private the beauty I might see in you? Obviously there’s a holy book somewhere … Continue reading

One Fine Stranger

The things I never talk about, the names I don’t mention, the answers I avoid. I replicate and strengthen this non being I insist to be whilst everyone else seems to publicly share their intimacy just because some others do … Continue reading